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Thursday, 2 September 2010

New Season Underway!

Jims' Extravaganza is the Charity Shield of Buckley Mold Chess Club as it is the traditional season opener. Jim Hanson ran the evening in his usual inimitable style and much fun was had by all (at least, those who won...).

The winner this year was Andy Barber.

The results, so far as I can remember them:

Andy Barber 4.0/5
Quentin Dodd 3.5
Matt West 3.0
Bill Davies 3.0
Brian Lowens 2.5
Gordon Sommerville 2.5
Liam Jeffries 2.0
Stephen Dunning 2.0
Ritchie Owens 2.0
Gerry Williams 0.5

Our winner:

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