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Friday, 6 May 2011

Chess Today

A Buckley Mold player has appeared in 4th May edition of Chess Today in their Beware: Blunder! column. Oh, the shame...

Our last example came from one of our readers:

"Hi, Alex!

In CT-3825 you said "Blunders don't get worse than the one made in a recent match in the London Chess League", so I thought I would send you my recent blunder:

S. Dunning – J. McCabe
Wirral Chess League 2, 22.04.2011

I had a winning position (for example, White can play 61.f4! gxf4 62.¦d3), but threw it all away in one move: 61.¦g2?? hxg2 0–1

The interesting question is why we make such mistakes. Tiredness at the end of a long game (and day) is one reason. In this case I think I had convinced myself that the pawn on h3 could not move...

With best regards,
Stephen Dunning"y

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