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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Bill Davies

Buckley Mold Chess Club are sad to announce the death of Bill Davies on the 20th March.

William Cadwaladr Davies played in the Chester & District League in the year it was founded, in 1954, and continued to play for Wrexham right through until about 2010. He was President of the League during the years 2001 to 2004 and a Vice-President thereafter. He also played for East Clwyd and Buckley/Mold in the Wirral League.

Many will remember his benign eccentricities at the chess board which included - in the most genial way possible - talking and singing to both himself and his opponent. With a lack of hair on top and a distinguished long white beard he gave the impression of a Russian Grandmaster.

In 2013, to mark his long participation in and service for the League, the Bill Davies Trophy was commissioned. Initially this was used for a Team Knock-out Competition where all players had to be graded under 145, but subsequently has become part of the Individual Championship being awarded to the winner of the under 130 section

[Details courtesy of the Chester & District web site]

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