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Thursday, 31 August 2017

Jim Hanson Memorial Extravaganza

Yesterday marked the traditional opening of the new chess season at the club with the Jim Hanson Memorial Extravaganza. Jim used to run this every year, so following his sad death last season, we now have a shield to be awarded to the winner in his remembrance.

Yesterdays tournament, a rapidplay with 15 minutes on the clock over 5 rounds, was well attended with 21 participants. It was won by Ifan, his second win in three years!

 Round 2 in progress

 To make it a special occasion, some sandwiches were available.

 Ifan being presented with his winner's shield by Jim's daughter, Jackie Bird.

The participants.

      TOP  TEN
  1  4.5        Ifan
  2  4.0        Hadyn
  3  4.0       John
  4  3.5       Liam
  5  3.5       Gordon
  6  3.0        Quentin 
  7  3.0        Sit
  8  3.0        Richie
  9  3.0       Jack
 10 2.5       Sandi
 11 2.5       Elaine

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