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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Buckley Mold 2 4-1 Caergwrle 2

A controversial result in the Wirral League Division 2. On the night, Buckley Mold won 4-1, including a point for a Caergwrle player who did not turn up. However the game should have been played away to Caergwrle.

After a complaint, the League controller ruled as follows:

Having consulted with the assistant controller my decision and comments are as follows:

1. Buckley Mold are in default by not attending the scheduled fixture at Caergwrle.

2. The game played at Buckley Mold is null and void for league purposes as it was not played at the correct venue. However the games played will be counted for grading purposes.

3. Caergwrle have agreed to reschedule the game and accordingly I would allow a 14 day extension to the league season for this fixture to be re-arranged giving a final deadline of 14th May 2010.

Regards - David Hulme (01270 569570)
Wirral Chess League Controller

However, I understand that in view of the decisive nature of the original result, Buckley Mold may not play the game a second time.

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