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Thursday 24 September 2009

Buckley Mold 2 2.5-1.5 Wrexham 2

The second team in the Chester and District League division 3 got off to a winning start, helped by Wrexham unfortunately defaulting on board 1.

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Hoylake 4-1 Buckley Mold 1

The latest result from the Wirral League Division 1 was a loss to Hoylake.

Wednesday 16 September 2009

FIXTURES 2009-2010

Buckley Mold 1
Chester & District Div 2

Mon 14 Sep Frodsham (A)
Wed 30 Sep Colwyn Bay 2 (H)
Wed 14 Oct Capenhurst (H)
Wed 21 Oct Caergwrle 2 (A)
Wed 28 Oct KO - Chester (H)
Wed 25 Nov Chester 2 (H)
Wed 09 Dec Chester 3 (H)
Wed 20 Jan Frodsham (H)
Tue 26 Jan Colwyn Bay (A)
Mon 08 Feb Capenhurst (A)
Wed 17 Feb Caergwrle 2 (H)
Tue 16 Mar Chester 2 (A)
Tue 23 Mar Chester 3 (A)

Buckley Mold 2
Chester & District Div 3

Wed 23 Sep Wrexham 2 (H)
Tue 13 Oct Rhyl 2 (A)
Wed 11 Nov Chester 4 (H)
Wed 18 Nov Corwen/Ruthin (A)
Tue 15 Dec Chester 5 (A)
Tue 19 Jan Wrexham 2 (A)
Wed 10 Feb Rhyl 2 (H)
Wed 24 Feb Corwen/Ruthin (H)
Tue 09 Mar Chester 4 (A)
Wed 14 Apr Chester 5 (H)

Buckley Mold 1
Wirral Div 1

Wed 09 Sep Formby (H)
Tue 22 Sep Hoylake (A)
Wed 07 Oct Chester 2 (H)
Mon 09 Nov Wallasey 3 (A)
Wed 11 Nov KO - Caergwrle (H)
Wed 16 Dec Caergwrle (A)
Wed 06 Jan Wallasey 1 (H)
Mon 22 Feb Wallasey 2 (A)
Wed 31 Mar Chester 1 (H)

Buckley Mold 2
Wirral Div 2

Wed 07 Oct Pensby 1 (H)
Tue 03 Nov Chester 3 (A)
Wed 02 Dec Wallasey 5 (H)
Mon 01 Feb Capenhurst (A)
Thu 18 Mar Wallasey 4 (A)
Wed 31 Mar Caergwrle 2 (H)
Tue 06 Apr Hoylake 2 (A)

Frodsham 1.5-3.5 Buckley Mold 1

The First team in the Chester and District league is also off to a winning start. Two wins and three draws was a good away result.

Thursday 10 September 2009

Buckley Mold 1 4-1 Formby

We won our first match of the season. Buckley Mold 1 beat Formby in the Wirral League Division 1 by 4-1 - three wins and two draws. A good start!

Tuesday 8 September 2009

Club Championship - Round 1 draw

1 Andy Barber - Quentin Dodd
2 Gordon Sommerville - Matthew West
3 Brian Lowens - Stephen Dunning
4 Keith Evans - Jim Hanson
5 Gerald Williams - Bill Davies
6 Liam Jefferies - Frank Salt

The first named player is WHITE. Games to be played by Wed 30th September. Results to be notified to Stephen Dunning.

If you wish to join in at round two, please contact Stephen Dunning.

Friday 4 September 2009

New Website for Chester & District

Hi all,

The new look league website is now available at

I have moved this site to a new host as the site now uses php and mysql in some of the pages. The benefits of this I'll explain below.

The site design is similar to how the site looked 2 years ago, but this does not use frames.
The results pages from Division 1, 2 etc pull results from a single database. Click on All Results to see all fixtures including KO. I have included a "test result" mostly featuring members of the committee to show how it would look when the results come in. This result will soon be removed.

I will be able to update the site through a form, as opposed to having to upload a new page every time I have new results. Back on the main page, the 'Last Updated' date is directly linked to the results database, so when this is updated the time will change (note this is in US Eastern Time so you'll need to mentally add 5 hours to the time given)

Click on 'Clubs' - This is an at a glance look at all clubs. Where I've got an email address, I've not included a phone number. If you would like a number/email address added/removed let me know. The idea was for this page to be useful for visitors to the site who may be looking for a club.

You can see the individual club page by clicking on the club name. You'll notice the links on the side bar have changed. This is very much like the individual club pages I introduced last year, with one major improvement. The results section pulls from the main results database so when a result appears in say division 1, it'll appear on your club page too. This might benefit the welsh grades who can get results from Wrexham or Colwyn Bay pages.

The current players list is actually just players who played last season. I'll be updating this during the season.

The other pages are pretty much as they were.

Back on the home page you'll see 'Latest News' - The idea was for me to come up with some interesting headlines. We'll see how that goes!

Stats for last season are available as are the minutes. See the links at the top.

For those with low screen resolutions, there is a mostly finished small version of the site at http://www.cdl-chess.co.uk/small/


Steve Lloyd
Grading Officer

Thursday 3 September 2009

Club Championship

This year the club championship will be an eight round Swiss system competition, with one round played each month until April. Entries are now required in time for the first round. The draw for round one will be announced on Wednesday 9th September. Entries after this will be included at the next available round. If you wish to take part, contact Stephen Dunning through this website.

It will be for the two players drawn against each other to arrange a suitable club night to play the match. In the case of a dispute, the competition controller's decision is final. By entering the competition, you are undertaking to make every effort to play your games.

The time limit is 35 moves in 75 minutes, followed by 15 minutes to complete the game. Games will be entered for grading with the ECF.

Pairings, results and standings will be made available on the club noticeboard and on the club website.

Stephen Dunning.
Competition Controller.

Rapidplay Results

The traditional rapidplay competition marked the beginning of the 09/10 season at our new venue in Buckley. 10 players took part. The results were:

1= Bill Davies (4/5)
1= Gordon Sommerville (4)
3 Matt West (3.5)
4= Liam Jeffries (3)
4= Dave Aldridge (3)
6 Stephen Dunning (2.5)
7= Rory Morgan (2)
7= Brian Lowens (2)
9 Quentin Dodd (1)
10 Peter Dunning (0)