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Thursday 29 October 2015

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Two of our youngsters are representing Wales in the world Youth Championships: Ifan Rathbone-Jones and Robert Goodwin.

Round by round reports can be found on the Welsh Chess Union website here, and the official website is here.

Ifan is in the Under 12 Open and has 2/4. Robert is in the Under 10 Open, and is yet to win a game.

Thursday 8 October 2015

September Results

Chester & District League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Frodsham - Won 3.5-1.5
Division 3
Buckley Mold 2 vs Holywell Knights - Lost 1-3
Bill Davies Cup
Buckley Mold U145 vs Holywell U145 - Won 5.5-0.5

Wirral League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Crewe - Lost 1-4
Division 4
Buckley Mold 3 vs Buckley Mold 4 - 3-1