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Wednesday 1 May 2019

Great results at last weekend's EPSCA MEGA finals

The MEGA final stage of the English Primary Schools Chess Association was held last Sunday, 28th April, at Upton High, Chester.

It was a regional event for those children who qualified at school level,  from Cheshire West, North Wales and Wirral.  Some 160 children qualified for the event, including 3 members of Mold – Ifan Rathbone-Jones, Domantas Kirklys and Osian Bonnett.

I’m delighted to say that all 3 have brought home major prizes:

  • Ifan was 4th overall in the U18 category of 31 players; he won the U16 section of players and is therefore U16 Supremo.  He had to retire after 5 rounds, so he won it with 4/5.
  • Domatas was 3rd overall in the U18 category of 31 players; he won the U15 section of players and is U15 Supremo.  He won it with 4.5/6.
  • Osian was runner up in the U11 category of 18 players.  He scored 5/6.

All 3 have qualified for the GIGA final stage, which will be played in Manchester in the near future.