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Sunday 8 November 2015

October Results

Chester & District League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Malpas/Whitchurch - Lost 1.5-3.5

Wirral League
Division 2
Atticus vs Buckley Mold 1 - Lost 4-1
Division 3
Frodsham vs Buckley Mold 2 - Won 2-3
Division 4
Buckley Mold 4 vs Rhyl & Prestatyn - Drew 2-2

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Final standings for our two:

Ifan fought back from a piece down to win his last game and so finished on 4.5/11 in the U12 Open, and Robert on 2.5/11 in the U10 Open.

The following comment about Robert is on the Welsh Chess Union website after round 10: Robert Goodwin has not had the best of tournaments. A relatively new player on the scene, he has proven to be a very handy rapidplay player as evidenced by his two North Wales Championship titles. He performed very well at last year's Welsh Championships and is a regular member of our Junior 4NCL team. The jump to World Championship play has been difficult and yet he has stuck at it, worked hard with his coach and never given up. His first score today, a hard-fought three hour draw was met with as much joy from the Welsh camp as would have any Welsh World Champion. Congratulations must go to Robert for all his efforts - never was a half point more deserved or welcomed. Robert was the Welsh player of the round!

Monday 2 November 2015

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Latest scores from the WYCC:

Ifan is on 2.5/7 in the Under 12s
Robert is on 1/7 in the Under 10s

Do follow our two as this is a strong competition to play in.