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Saturday 31 July 2010

British Championship

Michael Adams is still the sole leader on 5 from 5. Four players are on 4 out of 5.

As Adams seriously outrates everybody else, it remains to be seen if he can score the full 11 out of 11! After all, he will soon be playing people further down the table having seen off closer rivals.

The official website is here.

Thursday 29 July 2010

Press Release

Buckley Mold Chess Club is gearing up for the new season which begins in September.

Last years season proved to be very succesful for the club, which now meets at Buckley Working Men's Club Brook Street, Buckley, CH7 3AL on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 pm. In the Chester and District League, our teams topped both the second and third divisions. First team captain Dave Aldridge was named the player of the season for the 2nd division, and second team captain Jim Hanson was the player of the year for the third division!

In the Wirral league, Buckley Mold was also succesful. The first team managed a creditable 6th place in division one, and in division 2 the second team was unbeaten.

The club are looking for new members to come and join. Players of all ages are welcome, from complete beginners to grandmasters. Why not give it a try?

British Championship

Michael Adams is the sole leader on 4 from 4. Several players are on 3, but none are on 3.5, surprisingly enough. The official website is here.

Update: Actually, FM Alexei Slavin and IM Adam Hunt are on 3.5. They must have finished later than my original post.

British Championship

We are down to two leaders on three wins out of three. They are GM Michael Adams and IM Jack Rudd. They play each other today. Coverage and games can be found here.

Wednesday 28 July 2010

British Championship

The following players lead the British Championship with 2 out of 2:

GM Adams, Michael
GM Williams, Simon K
GM Gormally, Daniel W
IM Pert, Richard G
IM Rudd, Jack

Tuesday 27 July 2010

British Championship

The following are leading the British championship with a win in the first round. The official website is here.

1 GM Adams, Michael
2 GM Pert, Nicholas
3 GM Conquest, Stuart C
4 GM Williams, Simon K
5 GM Wells, Peter K
6 GM Gormally, Daniel W
7 IM Pert, Richard G
8 IM Greet, Andrew N
9 GM Summerscale, Aaron P
10 IM Hunt, Adam C
11 IM Rendle, Thomas E
12 IM Littlewood, Paul E
13 FM Tymrakiewicz, Rafal
14 IM Rudd, Jack
15 Adair, James
16 Haydon, David L
17 Padilla Cabero, Pablo
18 Josse, Mark
19 Henderson, Ian R
20 Jones, Victor G L
21 Clarke, Brandon G I
22 Jones, William E G
23 Freeman, Richard C P
24 Mackle, Dominic 1.0
25 Bucher, Grant W 1.0
26 Messam-Sparks, Lateefah

Chester & District website

The new Chester & District website is now available here.

Monday 26 July 2010

2010 Grades are out!

The new grades are available here.

Most people have improved their grades, which reflects the successful season just gone by. Top grades are Dave Pearcey (167), Andy Barber (151) and Alex Thompson (151).

Saturday 24 July 2010