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Monday 10 June 2024

AGM 2024

The Chess Club AGM is on Wednesday, 3rd July at 7.30 pm - at our usual venue in Buckley.

Please try to be there - there are things we need to discuss.

Following the sad death of Frank Salt, we need to discuss the venue - he usually got the key and opened up.

Also, I will have less time to give to the club next season - we need to look at captaincy and other roles in the club.

If there are other things we need to discuss, let me, Mark Thomas or Angus know, please.

Stephen Dunning

Frank Salt

Buckley Mold Chess Club are saddened to report that our long-time member and one-time President, Frank Salt, passed away recently.  Our thoughts are with his family.

One of our members had known Frank for 40 odd years through the chess club. Frank was always a very cheerful, friendly and a very kind man. He always welcomed new players and gave his time and encouragement to those learning chess. He'd play everyone, whatever their strength. Frank was  always willing to play in matches for the club. Frank won the RAF national championship in 1976. He was a very strong player and he was always sporting whether he won or lost and he'd analyse his game after the match with his opponent and club members. Travelling to matches Frank would enjoy a catch up about our families, his local church and his hobbies and interests. Frank always said how his Christian faith was so important to him. Frank loved to be busy and said how he enjoyed playing bridge, supporting Chester football club with his wife & enjoying their holidays travelling to Europe.  Frank is a huge loss to the Buckley & Mold Chess Club and he will be greatly missed. Frank will always be fondly remembered by us all