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Thursday 3 December 2015

November Results

Chester & District Chess League

Division 2
Wrexham 2 vs Buckley Mold 1 - Lost 3-2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Chester 4 - Lost 1.5-3.5

Division 3
Chester 5 vs Buckley Mold 2 - Drew 2-2

Wirral Chess League

Division 2
Wallasey 5 vs Buckley Mold 1 - Won 2-3

Division 3
Wallasey 6 vs Buckley Mold 2 - Won 1-4

Division 4
Pensby 3 vs Buckley Mold 4 - Lost 3-1
Rhyl & Prestatyn vs Buckley Mold 3 - Lost 3..5-0.5
Buckley Mold 4 vs Malpas & Whitchurch Chess Mates - Lost 0.5-3.5

Sunday 8 November 2015

October Results

Chester & District League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Malpas/Whitchurch - Lost 1.5-3.5

Wirral League
Division 2
Atticus vs Buckley Mold 1 - Lost 4-1
Division 3
Frodsham vs Buckley Mold 2 - Won 2-3
Division 4
Buckley Mold 4 vs Rhyl & Prestatyn - Drew 2-2

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Final standings for our two:

Ifan fought back from a piece down to win his last game and so finished on 4.5/11 in the U12 Open, and Robert on 2.5/11 in the U10 Open.

The following comment about Robert is on the Welsh Chess Union website after round 10: Robert Goodwin has not had the best of tournaments. A relatively new player on the scene, he has proven to be a very handy rapidplay player as evidenced by his two North Wales Championship titles. He performed very well at last year's Welsh Championships and is a regular member of our Junior 4NCL team. The jump to World Championship play has been difficult and yet he has stuck at it, worked hard with his coach and never given up. His first score today, a hard-fought three hour draw was met with as much joy from the Welsh camp as would have any Welsh World Champion. Congratulations must go to Robert for all his efforts - never was a half point more deserved or welcomed. Robert was the Welsh player of the round!

Monday 2 November 2015

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Latest scores from the WYCC:

Ifan is on 2.5/7 in the Under 12s
Robert is on 1/7 in the Under 10s

Do follow our two as this is a strong competition to play in.

Thursday 29 October 2015

FIDE World Youth Chess Championships

Two of our youngsters are representing Wales in the world Youth Championships: Ifan Rathbone-Jones and Robert Goodwin.

Round by round reports can be found on the Welsh Chess Union website here, and the official website is here.

Ifan is in the Under 12 Open and has 2/4. Robert is in the Under 10 Open, and is yet to win a game.

Thursday 8 October 2015

September Results

Chester & District League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Frodsham - Won 3.5-1.5
Division 3
Buckley Mold 2 vs Holywell Knights - Lost 1-3
Bill Davies Cup
Buckley Mold U145 vs Holywell U145 - Won 5.5-0.5

Wirral League
Division 2
Buckley Mold 1 vs Crewe - Lost 1-4
Division 4
Buckley Mold 3 vs Buckley Mold 4 - 3-1

Thursday 24 September 2015

Children's Chess Tournament

It is proposed to hold a one day tournament on 14th November 2015 for Secondary School children born between 1st September 1998 and 1st September 2004. There will be a minimum of five games and depending on entries there will be several classes based upon age, with prizes.

An entry fee of £2 will be payable. The competition will be limited to pupils who attend any secondary school in Flintshire or Denbighshire. The competition will start at 10am and will be held at Argoed High School, Mynydd Isa and will finish about 4.30 pm. Refreshments will be available.

This competition is intended to be enjoyed by all pupils, girls or boys, who enjoy a game of chess but are not outstanding stars at the game.

It is necessary for the organisers to know at least a week in advance how many children want to take part, so a member of staff will co-ordinate the entries for us. The closing date for entries is 7th November 2015.

Any enquiries should be addressed to the Buckley Mold Chess Club secretary Quentin Dodd.
01352 753889

Friday 4 September 2015


Fixtures can be found on the Wirral and the Chester & District web sites.

Results of Jim's Extravaganza

CONGRATULATIONS to Ifan Rathbone-Jones, who beat all us grown-ups with a great score of 4.5/5.

Second equal on 4/5 were Gordon Sommerville and Stephen Dunning, though Stephen was lucky to beat Gordon on time while facing a mate in one!

Thanks to Jim for a great fun evening, and lots of prizes.

Tuesday 1 September 2015

Jim's Extravaganza

Buckley Mold Chess Club's annual curtain raiser, the ever popular Extravaganza run by our very own Jim Hanson is on Wednesday 2nd September at 7.30 pm.

This is a 5 round competition with each player having 15 minutes on the clock.

Everybody welcome. Prizes for all.

Saturday 25 July 2015

All club grades

Aldridge, David 143
Allix, Lorna 105
Barber, Andrew M 161
Barnes, Ben 54
Dodd, Quentin RH 128
Dunning, Stephen 134
Evans, Elaine 22
Goodwin, Nathan 59
Goodwin, Robert 82
Hanson, T Jim 84
Heitch, David 114
Hughes, Jonathan 80
Jefferies, Liam 145
Kemp, Jack 55
Lowens, Brian 120
Morgan, Rory 86
Owens, Richard 127
Pearcey, David F 159
Rathbone-Jones, Ifan 106
Salt, Frank 145
Shorrock, Simon A 72
Simmons, John A 114
Sommerville, Gordon BR 122
Thomas, Mark
Walker, James

Junior Chess

We are looking to run two teams for Juniors in the Wirral Chess League, so any juniors who are interested in playing and improving their chess, please get in touch.

Congratulations to Ifan Rathbone-Jones who represented Wales in the Bernadette Stokes Cup (part of the Glorney Gilbert International held in Ireland), an international team competition for under 12s. England won with 21/36 with Wales just half a point behind. Ifan scored an impressive 5.5/6! More details here.

Latest Grades

The latest grades have been published by the ECF. Our Top Ten (make that eleven...) are:

Thomas, Mark           163
Barber, Andrew        161
Pearcey, David         159
Jefferies, Liam           145
Salt, Frank                 145
Aldridge, David          143
Dunning, Stephen      134
Dodd, Quentin          128
Owens, Richard         127
Sommerville, Gordon 122
Lowens, Brian            120

The full list can be found here.

Wednesday 17 June 2015

John Coleby Shield

Congratulations to Robert Goodwin. He was presented with the John Coleby Shield by Yvonne Coleby-Davies for being the best junior in the club during this past season.

Thursday 11 June 2015

Monday 2 March 2015

February Results

Chester & District League

Div 2W - Buckley Mold 1   2-3   Holywell
Div 3 - Buckley Mold J   0-4   Chester 8
Div 3 - Rhyl & Prestatyn   2.5-1.5   Buckley Mold Q

Wirral League

Div 2 - Buckley Mold 2   2.5-2.5   Wallasey 4
Div 1 - Buckley Mold 1   1.5-3.5   Chester B
Div 4 - Buckley Mold 4   1.5-2.5   Malpas & Whitchurch Chess Mates

Friday 13 February 2015

January Results

Wirral League

Div 2 - Atticus   3-2   Buckley Mold 2
Div 1 - Wallasey 3   2-3   Buckley Mold 1
Div 2 - Pensby 1   3-2   Buckley Mold 2
Div 3 - Chester G   0.5-3.5   Buckley Mold 3
Div 1 - Chester A   5-0   Buckley Mold 1
Div 3 - Buckley Mold 3   2.5-2.5   Pensby 2
Div 2 - Buckley Mold 2   2.5-2.5   Frodsham
Div 2 - Buckley Mold 2   3.5-1.5   Malpas & Whitchurch

Chester & District League

Div 2W - Rhyl & Prestatyn 1   3-2   Buckley Mold 1

Monday 26 January 2015

January Grading List is out

The latest grading list for the ECF is now available here.

Our top 10:


Pearcey, David F


Barber, Andrew M


Aldridge, David


Owens, Richard


Dunning, Stephen


Jefferies, Liam


Salt, Frank


Dodd, Quentin RH


Lowens, Brian


Sommerville, Gordon


Sunday 11 January 2015

December's results

Chester Division 2W
Chester 5   1.5-3.5   Buckley Mold 1

Chester Division 3
Malpas Chess Mates   2-2   Buckley Mold Q
Penyffordd 2   1.5-2.5   Buckley Mold J
Buckley Mold J   1-3   Buckley Mold Q

Chester Bill Davies Cup
Buckley Mold U145   2-4   Chester U145

Wallasey Division 1
Hoylake / Great Meols 1   3.5-1.5   Buckley Mold 1

Wallasey Division 4
Chester L   2-2   Buckley Mold 4