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Thursday 6 June 2019

John Coleby Memorial Shield

This years John Coleby Shield for the best junior was presented to Domantas Kirklys. The trophy was presented by Yvonne Coleby-Davies who also gave him a chess book. Well done, Domantas!

Wednesday 5 June 2019

Data Protection

Data Protection Policy
Buckley Mold Chess Club
    • Club members and officers are expected to abide by this policy.
    • If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to Stephen Dunning.

Why is personal data collected by the club?
    • Personal data is collected in order to pursue the legitimate interests of the club. This is the lawful basis for which we collect information, and there is therefore no need to obtain specific consent.
    • Examples of what data is collected include:
      • Financial and membership records.
      • Data necessary for communication with members by telephone or email.
      • Information for recording results with the various chess leagues and rating bodies (such as the Wirral Chess League or the Welsh Chess Union).
      • Game results – for league and grading purposes.
    • Most data will be collected through a membership form which is completed annually on behalf of every member.

Personal data will be:
    • Stored securely and appropriately.
    • Used only for the purpose for which it is collected.
    • It will be accessed and used by the appropriate people.
    • It will only be passed on to people outside the club for legitimate reasons.
    • Data will only be kept for as long as is necessary.

The Website.
    • The website may use software to monitor visitors and which pages they visit. It does not collect or store personal information other than that freely given.
    • The website includes records of results and other information regarding the activities of club members.
    • Photographs of individuals will be only used with permission.
    • Information left by visitors’ messages will be kept.
    • The website will use information in accordance with this Data Protection Policy.

Modifications to this policy.
    • This Policy should be reviewed annually at the club’s AGM and amended as necessary.

Wirral League Tables

Chester & District League Tables

APRIL Results


Division 2
Buckley Mold 1  vs  Frodsham 1    Lost 2-3
Colwyn Bay 2  vs  Buckley Mold 2    Drew 2.5-2.5

Division 4
Rhyl & Prestatyn 3  vs  Buckley Mold 3    Lost 3-1


Division 2
Buckley Mold 1  vs  Chester E    Won 3.5-1.5

Division 4
Buckley Mold 4  vs  Chester M    Won 2.5-1.5
Buckley Mold 3  vs  Chester L    Drew 2-2
Wallasey 7  vs  Buckley Mold 4    Defaulted 4-0
Buckley Mold 3  vs  Chester K    Lost 1-3

Hoylake / Great Meols KO  vs  Buckley Mold KO    Lost 6.5-3.0
We had a 2.5 point handicap.

MARCH Results


Division 2
Buckley Mold 1  vs  Rhyl & Prestatyn 1    Won 3-2

Division 4
Buckley Mold 3  vs  Rhyl & Prestatyn 3    Lost 0-4


Division 2
Buckley Mold 1  vs  Hoylake / Great Meols 2    Won 3-2

Division 3
Buckley Mold 2  vs  Frodsham    Won 3.5-1.5

Division 4
Chester M  vs  Buckley Mold 3    Defaulted 4-0
Chester K  vs  Buckley Mold 4    Defaulted 4-0
Chester J  vs  Buckley Mold 3    Defaulted 4-0

Club AGM

Sorry for the short notice, but the club AGM is tonight at 7.30 pm at the Drovers.